Tag: Out of the Abyss


  • Plooploopeen ("Ploop")

    Residing in Sloobludop, the Archpriest of the Sea Mother was at war with his own daughter. She, the archpriest of the Sea Father, demanded that the city recognize the Sea Father as their God. It was a struggle that would end in bloody conflict.

  • Ixar

    Ixar was found by the adventures, huddled inside an ancient and sacred tribute to the Order of the Chalice. It has long been his obsessions to discover their hidden rooms and take for himself the treasures inside. When the group, he tried to steel their …

  • Ilvara

    Ilvara is the High Priestess of the camp where the players were first imprisoned. Her soldiers are currently pursuing the players in an effort to recapture her lost "property."